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Most of our clients are managers of Corporate Communications, Marketing, HR and Culture.

We work directly with organisations of all sizes and across all sectors, including CSL, University of Wollongong, Anglicare, Conexus Financial, Investa, Sir David Martin Foundation, Inspired Adventures, and Bounce Books.

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We want people to feel more purpose, meaning, love and community in their lives. Gallup reports that 89% of people are not engaged by their work and we all know how cynical the public has become about marketing messages. We know that changing that experience for people requires better stories, that reshape their context.

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CHIEF STORYTELLER - Simon Dikkenberg

Simon studied documentary filmmaking and worked as an oral history interviewer before stumbling into the branded content revolution of the mid-2000s. Broadband internet made video an essential means of online communication and Simon became a pioneer of the field, for clients such as Coke and Vodafone.

Under the pseudonym Si Berg he is an award-winning Director, Producer & Writer. In 2019, he was awarded 'Best Short Film' at the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival.