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This form will help us understand your objectives, vision and concerns.

Clarity helps us quote accurately and develop the best strategy & creative for your needs.

Don't feel compelled to answer every question.

We've found that contemplating each point rather than 'cut & pasting'

often reveals unimagined possibilities.


Who are you and what is your role in the creation of the project? Who are the other stakeholders in this project and how do you fit within that structure. Which of those stakeholders will need to be consulted directly during production? Who will be providing sign-off on budgets, treatments and edits?
Paint a vivid picture of who this organisation is, and why they exist. What products or services do they offer? What are their mission, vision and values? What is their point-of-difference from their competitors?
Who are you trying to connect with? What is their current relationship to your organisation, product or cause? Please provide as much detail as you can about this community.
Why are you investing in this project? What change needs to happen? What problems need to be solved, or what opportunities could be exploited? Why should the audience care?
Describe your ideal outcomes. What actions do you want the audience to take? How do you want the audience to feel? What shift needs to happen? How will we measure success or failure of the story? Mix thinking big, with being realistic…
What are the core messages that need to be communicated?
How should this look and feel? Describe the story you envision. Do you have pre-conceived ideas about to the style or tone of this story? Do you have any existing videos that are similar to your vision or that you really don’t like? Do you have any pre-existing brands strategies, campaigns, imagery, style guides or graphic elements we need to understand and integrate?
Is this project happening inside of any pre-existing brands strategies or campaigns? Is there imagery, style guides or graphic elements we need to understand and integrate?
What interfaces and platforms will this project be shared on – website, broadcast, Youtube, Facebook, conference, laptop, mobile phone? This influences how the message will play out: eg YouTube views drop after 15 seconds; movie theatre offers a captive audience – different styles apply to maximize impact.
In what environment will this story be experienced – office, seminar, lounge-room, shop, public transport? What is the likely state-of-mind of the audience – interested, distracted, resistant, inspired?
The success of a project often comes down to how well its embraced and promoted by key influencers within the community that we’re trying to reach. These are the people who can generate an audience and influence others to pay attention, care or take action. We like to try and get these people on board early and keep them connected as the project unfolds. Can you identify individuals or positions that you think we should reach out to?
Do you have a ballpark figure or upper limit that we need to work within? Will you be supplying people, equipment or in-kind support to help produce this production?
Do you have time frames and deadlines to meet? In-house deadline, client deadline, screening deadline? What are the required formats?
Let us know any doubts, fears or gaps in your knowledge so we can help and address them.