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CSL - Doco

"Everyone LOVED it.  What a masterpiece you guys have put together. People are so excited... There is no getting rid of us now!!"

Client:   CSL  (formerly the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories)

Audience:   CSL Staff in 30 countries who watched the films at centenary celebration events. 

Brief:   Make the milestone of CSL's centenary relevant and meaningful our staff and stakeholders. Make staff from other countries who became CSL employees through mergers and acquisitions feel as though the CSL Story belongs to them.

Approach:    We worked closely with Bounce Books to translate their research and manuscript into a film. We sifted through hundreds of hours of archival footage and traveled to all corners of the planet to capture interviews with key personnel.

Deliverables:   1 x 78-minute documentary, 1 x 9-minute film